Welcome at Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag

Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag provides professional maternity care for Dutch and expat families in and around The Hague. In the period just after the baby is born it is important to feel supported and informed. A newborn is a miracle that deserves the best care. You want to understand your newborn and have confidence in taking care of your baby. I, Petra Blom of Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag, want to offer you more than just basic maternity care.

Nurse specialised in Maternity care

I am a certified nurse, specialised in mother and child care. Not only would I like to give you a postnatal period without distress but also explain some typical aspects of newborns to understand your baby better. If needed, I address health problems that need to be taken care of, naturally, communicating well with your midwife or gynecologist. Furthermore I am there to assist you and your family.

Maternity care for expats

As an independent nurse, specialised in maternity care, I frequently work with expat and bilingual families in and around The Hague. I am comfortable speaking Dutch, English, French, German and Norwegian. I try to meet your wishes and expectations. Together we will try to have a pleasant first week with your baby. Naturally, every culture has its own standards and values, which I respect within the Dutch medical standards for “Kraamzorg”.

Refund by your health insurance

The regular maternity care will be refunded by your Dutch health insurance and by numerous international health insurances. “Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag” offers more. If extra maternity care is needed we can get in touch to discuss the possibilities together. After a stay in an incubator, in case of a premature baby, or after a period of extended medical treatment in hospital you can get “Couveuse Nazorg” (Incubator aftercare) or “Verlengde Kraamzorg” (Extended maternity care) respectively.