Comments of families

In this part of the website the Dutch texts of the families haven been translated into English.

Leanne and family

I would recommend Petra to anyone seeking a highly professional, personable and hard working kraamverzorgster/maternity nurse who actually cares about the client. Her quality of care far exceeded our expectations and it was a genuine pleasure to have her in our home.

Minu, Tjaco, Jeska

Petra works a lot and hardly takes a seat only if she needs to fill in forms and paperwork. I have enjoyed my “kraamtijd”, was well taken care of and felt that my baby was safe in good caring hands. Petra takes control of caring for us in a friendly way, respecting our moments of privacy.Thanks for all!

Lisa, Joost and Alexander

Dear Petra We would like to thank you once again for all the good care we got during our “kraamtijd”. You have given us a lot of information, which was very helpful. Little Alexander has had a good time with you, without doubt. Thanks a lot. We wish all (future) parents such a fine maternity nurse as you are!

Naomi en Jake

Dear Petra, In this way, I would like to thank you again for all the good care you gave us.But I would also like to mention the good spirits and extra help. We are going to miss you, that’s for sure.Thnx!

Kim, Damian, Arnau, Marco

We have been very content to have Petra to help us. She has given us lots of help and relevant informations. Thanks a lot!

Lay Hoon, Eric, Brandon, Zoë and Izabel

Petra, Many thanks for your good care, advice and support. Appreciate all the effort you took in getting advice from various experts to help me and Izabel. You’re super. All the best to you and your family.

Roy, Daphne, en Phelipe

Petra, Many,many thanks for all your good, attentive, loving care! Kind regards!

Vera, Job en Noah

Dear Petra, many, many thanks for being a great help to us. You were our rescuer, oracle, coach and tranquilizer. Thanks to you we have had the best “kraamtijd” ever!!! Lots of regards VJN

Simone, Justus en Timi

I am superhappy with your care, and so is my friend. It was very helpful. I could not have imagined a better help. Without you we would have been very much into the dark.

Nada, Sebastiaan, Jamila

Petra, thank you for being our “kraamzorg” and bringing our family on its feet. You have been very helpful en hope that you have enjoyed your stay with us. We, NSJ will remember you fondly.

Manja, Bram, Yara

Many Thanks!

Petra, Edmund,Rosalie en Hugo

Very pleasant help, also loved by our eldest. She definitely has contributed to a good start! Thanks.

Amy, Roy en Olivia

Petra, you were was fantastic! Great care, advice and hard working. I would recommend you to friends and colleagues. Thrilled we got you!