Petra Blom

Hi, let’s introduce myself. My name is Petra Blom. I am a mother of two children. Since twenty years I am working as a nurse in Health Care in The Hague. For the last couple of years I have specialized in maternity care with my own business. In this working area I feel very comfortable, enthousiastic and passionate.

The wishes of the family are very important

  • Within my aims to offer good quality and care to mom and baby, the newborns dad, its brothers and sisters, I will try to listen well to the wishes and circonstances of thenewborns mother and her family. My experiences as a qualified nurse for adults and babies and my love for young children help me a lot in supporting the family as good as I can.


    When I graduated from High School I studied French at the University of Utrecht. Since then my passion for languages and speech has never gone. I speak English,French,German and Norvegian,which might be convenient to your family if you are not Dutch. I feel at ease in Dutch families as well as in international families from all over the World, repecting differences in culture.

    Qualified Maternity Nurse and Nurse in General Health Care Issues

    As a maternity nurse it is necessary to keep up with all the courses that need to be updated in this working area. These courses are involving breastfeeding, twins, cesarian section, unexpected situations during the delivery, etc. Since the politics are now changing a lot in Health Care conditions I also try to keep up with that. I am registered in the institution that checks the Quality of Maternity Nurses and their accreditations (KCKZ) (Kennis Centrum Kraam Zorg) as well as the Institute that checks the general health care updates of nurses. (BIG register)

    My Diplomas en certificates in Dutch

    • Diploma Kraamverzorging
    • Diploma A-verpleging (BIG registratie tot 2018)
    • Diploma MGZ (thuiszorg wijkverpleging)
    • borstvoedingscertificaat
    • certificaat partusassistentie bij acute situaties tijdens de thuisbevalling, kinder-EHBO en reanimatie
    • certificaat SBS (shaken baby syndrom)
    • certificaat vroegsignalering
    • certificaat stimulerend verzorgen
    • certificaat keizersnee
    • certificaat psychische problematiek tijdens of na het kraambed
    • certificaat omgaan met rouw in het kraambed
    • certificaat omgaan met voeding en gedrag bij prematuren
    • certificaat baby met het kiss sydroom
    • certificaat kraamvrouw met bekkenproblematiek
    • certificaat HELPP syndroom

    Independant worker with professional backup

    As an independant worker in private health care I work together with a reliable company of maternity care. They have 25 years of experience and good qualifications. They demand good standards and qualifications from the people they work with. This helps me to give a good backup to my families in maternity care during unforeseen circumstances. Babycare Kraamzorg, offers me a good back up, 24/7 assistance, expertise and lactation experts. For the Health Care Insurance they have all the qualifications they need like the HKZ certificates and WHO breastfeeding certificates, they have also contracts with all the health insurances.

    • HKZ certificates
    • breastfeeding certificates according to the WHO guidelines
    • contracts with all the health insurances

    My company is registered at the National Register of the Chamber of Commerce . Nr. 544 11 858 Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag.