Approach to Maternity Care

I, Petra Blom, from Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag, offer more than just ‘regular maternity care’. Besides being a mother of two children and working as a maternity care nurse, I am also a regular nurse. I like to go the extra mile in order for you to feel confident as new parents to be able to take care of your baby independently as well as having an enjoyable first week as parents. To accomplish this I would like to support you with my knowledge and positive attitude.

+ Personal care

During the first week, I would love to be your sole and reliable maternity nurse. I will be there from the moment you are starting your labour at home or from the moment you get home from the hospital. The maternity period concerns a period of 8 days after the delivery (sometimes 10, depending on the circumstances). You can reach me day and night . There is a team of professional KCKZ-maternity care nurses available as back-ups, if needed. Therefore I can guarantee continuity and quality during unforseen events.

+ First acquaintance during the pregnancy

I visit you at home during your pregnancy if it is a first baby. Sometimes an intake is done by telephone. When the baby is born, it can take a while to get used to the new situation. It is nice to feel comfortable and cared for by someone you have already met before and with whom you have discussed your personal wishes and expectations.

+ Knowledge of typical behavior of the newborn baby

During the first week I support you in order for you to get confident in taking care of your child. We will be occupied with interpreting and understanding the behaviour of the baby. This way you can feel more connected to your child and feel confident in taking care of your baby independently. We also pay attention to stimulating physical activity with rolling and turning movements in order to stimulate physical development of the baby.
If health problems might occur with the baby or the mother, I know how to proceed, after consulting and informing your midwife at first.
During the “kraamweek” you always learn how to take care of your baby under normal conditions. If there are visitors during the first days with your baby, I try to assist you while serving coffee or tea. I can also help you with the older brothers or sisters of the baby to get used to the newborn, and to give the parents some extra rest or quality time during the day. Domestic chores oriented to mother and baby and their hygienic conditions are a relevant part of the day to day basics of my job.

+ Additional Aftercare

If your baby is born as a premature and has to stay in the incubator, you can get aftercare once the baby is strong and healthy enough to come home. The “kraamzorg” nurse will come and help you with the basic care for the homecomers. This special aftercare is called Couveuse nazorg . If you have to stay in hospital after the delivery for more than 10 days. You can get “Extra Kraamzorg” or “Extended Kraamzorg” (in order to get more information press the link).

+ Several languages and open minded to different international cultures

Especially for expats and their partners I offer an open minded approach to different cultures and I speak several languages like English, French, and German.