Babies and their conduct

During the maternity period a lot of families ask me what to expect from the baby. They want some explanation about the conduct of their baby. When is he awake, what is normal, when does he drink and for how long etc etc
During the maternity care period “de kraamtijd” We will try to understand the specific signs of your newborn. For example:

The physical behavior of your baby

  • Non verbal signs, what attitudes do we see and how can we understand or explain this.

Listening and understanding

  • your baby understands a lot of what you say;
  • he recognizes the voices of his parents, brothers and sisters;
  • he recognizes the mothertongue of the parents;
  • reading books to a baby has a purpose and is useful for his language development.

Different ways of crying

During the first week after your baby is born your baby will express itself in different ways. Bodylanguage combined with the way of crying can express for example:

  • hunger;
  • need for contact, cuddling;
  • coliques;
  • pain;
  • feeling bored;
  • being cold or warm

Priscilla Dunstan had discovered some sounds that are universal for big groups of babies. These sounds can be recognized in different countries as being the same. She could make a distinction between 5 different sounds. One for hunger, disconfort, a burb, etc. She could hear 5 distinctive expressions. During theweek of maternity care we will observe your baby and listen to his voice.

Muscle stimulating care

During changing a nappy or giving a bath, your baby will be stimulated to move his body. We will use rolling over, turning around and training abdominal and neck muscles.
If the baby is gaining weight in the near future it can help you by moving around and help you to turn over. By training his head,neck and abs, your baby will develop more symmetrical muscles.

Useful websites
National Health institute with information about the hearing test, the heelprick, vaccinations 0-4 years
www.lareb.nlabout pregnancy and breastfeeding with relevant medication De 4 van Veilig slapen.
Collecting useful leftover materials from the maternity period.
Website for parents, grandparents, babysitters, to know what to do in emergency situations.