Congratulations with your Pregnancy!

How exciting to be pregnant and to prepare for your new baby. Within this exciting period I would like to offer you some support as a maternity nurse.

Welcome to Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag

Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag provides professional maternity care in and around the city of The Hague to both Dutch and expat families.  It might be very nice for the newborn’s mum and dad to recover  from the delivery and pregnancy and to feel supported by the maternity nurse.  Your new baby  takes a lot of attention and that can be quite challenging. It  might be nice to  feel informed and supported in the first week of your baby’s new life.   I aim to support you in a pleasant and comforting way.  A newborn is a miracle that natuarally deserves the best care. I, Petra Blom of Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag, would like to provide you with more than basic maternity care.

Nurse specialised in Maternity care

I am a certified nurse, specialised in mother and child care. I not only aim to provide  a  carefree postnatal period . I also would like to explain you as parents how to interpret your child’s communication  and body language. If needed in the first week, I address health problems that need to be taken care of, naturally, communicating well with your midwife or gynecologist. Furthermore I am there to assist you and your family.

Maternity care to international families  and expats

I frequently work as an independent maternity nurse with Dutch families, expats or multi-lingual families in and aroud The Hague.  I am used to working in an international environment. I speak French, English and German . I strive to understand your wishes and expectations and aim to treat all families in a respectful manner. Together we will try to have a pleasant first week with your baby (and the rest of your family). Naturally, every culture has its own standards and values, which I aim to respect within the criteria of the  Dutch medical standards for “Kraamzorg”.

Kraamzorg is covered by your Health Insurance.

Maternity care is covered by  all Dutch Health Insurances and numerous international insurances as well.  “Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag” offers more. If extra maternity care is needed we can get in touch to discuss the possibilities together. After a stay in an incubator, in case of a premature baby, or after a period of extended medical treatment in hospital you can get “Couveuse Nazorg” (Incubator aftercare) or “Verlengde Kraamzorg” (Extended maternity care) respectively. These hours however are quite restricted and can be 12 hours or 15 hours. Each Health insurance follows your “aanvullende Verzekering” and its criteria. If you did choose for Basis Verzekering only without extras than the first postnatal week is refunded but you might have no other options to refund extras.

KraamzorgPlusDenHaag and the Coöperatie Kraamzorggroep UA

The Coöperatie Kraamzorggroep UA  has all the certificats that are needed  for contracts with the Health Care Insurances in the Netherlands. So as a member of the Coöperatie Kraamzorggroep UA Kraamzorg Plus Den Haag can do all the administration to be refunded by  the Dutch Health care providers. If you want to know more about this national Kraamzorg co-workers group please visit: www.cooperatiekraamzorggroep.com